License Électrotechnics

Training aims

electrotechniqueElectric power is at the heart of the economic development of any country. It is inevitably vital for the functioning of all the mechanisms that govern the different social dynamics. As such, electrical engineering, in all its segments (production, transport, distribution, conversion and control) has occupied a prominent place in the industrial sector of countries and continues to be the focus of attention, scientific investment and continuous technological development.

Regional and national employability potentials

All industries today operate with electrical energy and use electrical machinery. It is therefore clear that employment opportunities for the holders of this License throughout the national territory are guaranteed, on the one hand. In addition, and taking into account national orientations for the development of strategic sectors (desalination of seawater, electricity generation and renewable energies), private and / or public investors will certainly start to exploit, in a in the near future, the modern means of electricity production, which is a sign of a promising future for graduates of this sector.

In general, the energy sector is still buoyant in terms of outlets in various fields: the oil and gas industries, refrigeration, air conditioning, food processing, transport, chemical hydraulic industry, heavy industries, etc.


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