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have a pot of succulent herba
have a pot of succulent herbaceous plants with stems that are spherical and green. The sphere has several longitudinal ribs, and the ribs are densely acupuncture, yellow-green, and vary in length. The name of the green guy like a little hedgehog is called "Pricklys is the case: During this summer's summer vacation Carton Marlboro Black Menthol 100, I heard from my mother that the prickly pear is very good, can absorb a little electromagnetic wave, can absorb the small dust in the air, and achieve the purpose of purifying the air, which is of great help to our body. So I bought a pot in a hurry, and the pink and green flowers on the green and green spheres are beautiful and elegant. How lovable! I put it on the back of the computer monitor, which is said to be the most powerful place for electromagnetic radiation. It can make it beautiful and full of electromagnetic waves. Second, let him and I are inseparable. Because I am going to accompany me every day during this long summerdidn't last long. After about ten days, its body began to yellow and the flowers faded. I immediately realized that it might be that its moisture was evaporating by the heat emitted by the computer Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa. Its "skin color" may be yellow because it sent me a signal to drink water. Thinking of this, I immediately supply it with water, waiting for it to absorb the nutrients and rekindle the spirit. I waited for four or five days with hope. I didn't see any improvement in my flowers. It seemed that my spirit was even worse. I am worried about asking my mother, my mother asked me to take it out and bask in the sun, saying that the soil is too moist to be dying. I took it for two days like a baby, but I still haven't changed. Seeing my beloved is the day after the flower is wilting Newport Cartons Sold In Kentucky, I am very sad, I thought: Isn��t it true that the fairy ball is very good Best Online Cigarettes Newport, how can it be so difficult to raise in my hand? I am not willing to let my baby die in vain. I decided to find out because of it, so come. I think: Will this be related to electromagnetic waves? These days it always lives under the encirclement of electromagnetic waves. I can think about it and feel that it is not right. It is said that the fairy ball has the effect of eating electromagnetic waves. How can it be killed by "electromagnetic waves"? I am confused, but I still have not given up. I bought two pots of prickly pears for experimentation. I put a pot of prickly pears in the place where the prickly pears were originally placed, and placed the other pot away from the computer. A week later, I found that the prickly pear placed on the back of the computer monitor began to turn yellow, while the prickly pear that was far from the computer was safe. Also in the absence of watering, the yellow pottery became yellower on the 15th day, and the thorns on it were also colored, and the potted green was always rejuvenated. This proves that the death of the prickly pear is "killed" by electromagnetic waves. Is it not correct to say that the prickly pear can absorb electromagnetic waves? I have a suspicious group in my mind. I checked a lot of information on the Internet, and the conclusions I can find made me even more confused. Some sources said: "In life, planting a pot of prickly pears has the function of absorbing electromagnetic radiation. The breathing hole of the prickly pear is opened at night, and it can release a large amount of oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. It is placed next to the electric appliance in the home or office. Putting this kind of plant can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation pollution generated by various electrical and electronic products, and increase the concentration of negative particles in the indoor air. Therefore, placing the plant next to the electric appliance in the home or office can help the human body to try to Reduce the radiation released by the computer." The cause of a fever. The doctor gave me an X-ray. I suddenly thought of a problem on the radiation protection suit I wore from the radiologist. The radiologist worked in the radiology room for a long time, so I should wear it. Radiation protection clothing protects itself from radiation. So, is the prickly pear disease caused by excessive absorption of electromagnetic waves? I don't know why Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, I suddenly came to courage and boldly told my doctor's uncle to open this question. My thoughts were affirmed by the doctor's uncle. I really couldn't thk the doctor uncle. I should even thank my own dedication. It made me know that it is sometimes easy to engage in technology, because technology is at our side, just in our persistence.

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