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The activities of the scientific symposium today, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, tagged with:
Categories of people with special needs
Under the supervision of the Psychological Assistance Club, which is hosted by the CAPU Center for Psychological Assistance
In coordination with the Department of Psychology and Education Sciences.
With the grace and praise of God, a group of lecturers in the Department of Psychology, as well as psychologists representing centers and associations that take care of groups of people of determination, intervened and transferred their field experience and expertise in dealing with this group.
On the sidelines of the symposium, which is their day, of course, the opportunity was seized to honor our students in the department with special needs..and thus we urge them to support and support them to continue their academic path with confidence and struggle.
 Accordingly, the symposium came out with a set of recommendations and suggestions..that combine the strengthening of communication between the university and its outputs in the field of psychology and civil society institutions..from the centers and associations of people of determination.

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