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El Mujahid: Press conference by Professor
MebarkiMohamed, Minister of Higher
Education and
Scientific Research
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APS:The law establishing the legal duration
of the service national to 12 months in
Official Journal
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El Khaber: Press conference of Mr Minister
Education Superior Scientific Research
(requests for creation private universities)
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West Voice: University of Sidi Bel Abbes
acquires a HPC of 15 billions operation
per second, ... the page

El Djoumhouria:Twenty Frensh expert in Sidi Bel Abbès,
HPC development... la page

APS: Sidi Bel-Abbes will have a
National center of HPC
before the end 2016,... the page

Eldjoumhouria : Closingdoors openonentrepreneurship days
with the university.

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Eldjoumhouria : L'entrepreneurship & university
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