Greetings from Anadolu University!

We are delighted to announce application dates for Erasmus+ Exchange Program for students. In order to start  Erasmus+ mobility for 2017-18 Academic Year Fall Term we need to take nominations from you until 14 April 2017.

* The students will be chosen according to criterias written below:

1. GPA for Phd students: minimum 3.00 over 4.00

2. Language Certificate (Turkish or English B1 Level)

We accept the language certificate types written below:

Toefl IBT

Pearson PTE

CPE (Cambridge Certificate in Proficiency English)

CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advance English)

* If the students do not have a kind of language certificate written above, you may prepare a reference letter instead of these language certificates. Enclosed you may find a draft version for a reference letter.)

* The final grade is calculated as written below:

   %50 of GPA

   %50 of Language Certificate Grade

* The quota for Sidi Bel-Abbes University is: 2 Main Candidates.

The areas of the PhD students shall be 1 in civil engineering and 1 in Mathematics

* You may find below scholarship and transportation grant information for students:

Scholarship: 800 €/a month

Transportation Grant: 360 €

* Please enclose the documents that are written below while sending nominations until
14 April 2017:

1. Application Form (Attached)

2. Learning Agreement (Attached)

3. Transcript of Records(in English/Turkish)

4. Language Certificate

5. Eligibility Criterias (Attached) The Turkish National Agency require us to make sure all of our partners select the students according to the common criteria set by them. The easiest way to overcome this difficulty is to receive a nomination letter that states you are aware of the criteria and select the students accordingly. Therefore, enclosed you are going to see a cover letter that we kindly ask you to undersign while you are sending your nominated students. As you can see, on this cover letter, it's been stated that the students are selected in accordance with the criteria decided by the Turkish National Agency.

6. Housing Application Form (Attached)
We try to find appropriate accommodations for our incoming students and match them with local students to share a flat.


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