Hydrolyse comparée dans les milieux homogène et hétérogène de la N-(m,p)-vinylbenzilidène-p-       anisidine et de ses copolymères. Effet Retard

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Ethylcellulose, polycaprolactone, and eudragit matrices for controlled release of piroxicam from tablets and microspheres.
Kheira Diaf, Zineb El Bahri, Nafa Chafi, Lahcen Belarbi, Abderrezzak Mesli, 

Chemical Papers 2012, 66 (8), 779–786. DOI: 10.2478/s11696-012-0191-x.

Theoretical study on a series of push–pull molecules grafted on methacrylate copolymers serving for nonlinear optics.

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Article first published online: 23 Fev 2012 in Quantum chemistry.

 Synthesis of Amphiphilic Polyelectrolyte and Study of Their Association Behavior in Hydroalcoholic Media.

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 Alginate grafted with poly(ε-caprolactone)effect of enzymatic degradation on

 physicochemical properties.

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 Kaddour Guemra Didier Le Cerf

 Polymer International ; Received: 2 August 2011 Revised: 2 January 2012 Accepted: 24 January 2012

 Synthesis, characterization and release studies of monomer and copolymers based on 3-aminopyridine as a pharmaceutical precursor.

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 Synthesis of some (N-2-vinylpyrrolidone-co-methacrylamide)s as models carriers of anilines. Study of the release of anilines in aqueous heterogeneous medium of pH=1,2 at 37°C.

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3-aminopyridine release study from polymeric supports in homogeneous and heterogeneous media
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Synthesisof Schiff bases by aromatic amines condensation with 3,3’-bithiophenes-2,2’ and --4,4’-dicarbaldehydes”.

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