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[08] Bourada, F., Bousahla, A.A., Bourada, M., Azzaz, A., Zinata, A., Tounsi, A.


Dynamic investigation of porous functionally graded beam using a sinusoidal shear deformation theory

(2019) Wind and Structures, An International Journal, 28 (1), pp. 19-30.

ISSN: 12266116

[09] Bourada, M., Bouadi, A., Bousahla, A.A., Senouci, A., Bourada, F., Tounsi, A., Mahmoud, S.R.

Buckling behavior of rectangular plates under uniaxial and biaxial compression

(2019) Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 70 (1), pp. 113-123.

ISSN: 12254568

[10] Hellal, H., Bourada, M., Hebali, H., Bourada, F., Tounsi, A., Bousahla, A.A., Mahmoud, S.R.

Dynamic and stability analysis of functionally graded material sandwich plates in hygro-thermal environment using a simple higher shear deformation theory

(2019) Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials, .

ISSN: 10996362

[11] Tlidji, Y., Zidour, M., Draiche, K., Safa, A., Bourada, M., Tounsi, A., Bousahla, A.A., Mahmoud, S.R.

Vibration analysis of different material distributions of functionally graded microbeam

(2019) Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 69 (6), pp. 637-649. Cited 11 times.

ISSN: 12254568


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Title - $10.99

 [12] Yahiaoui, M., Tounsi, A., Fahsi, B., Bouiadjra, R.B., Benyoucef, S.

The role of micromechanical models in the mechanical response of elastic foundation FG sandwich thick beams

(2018) Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 68 (1), pp. 53-66.

DOI: 10.12989/sem.2018.68.1.053

ISSN: 12254568

[13] Sadoun, M., Houari, M.S.A., Bakora, A., Tounsi, A., Mahmoud, S.R., Alwabli, A.S.

Vibration analysis of thick orthotropic plates using quasi 3D sinusoidal shear deformation theory

(2018) Geomechanics and Engineering, 16 (2), pp. 141-150.

DOI: 10.12989/gae.2018.16.2.141

ISSN: 2005307X

[14] Sidhoum, I.A., Boutchicha, D., Benyoucef, S., Tounsi, A.

A novel quasi-3D hyperbolic shear deformation theory for vibration analysis of simply supported functionally graded plates

(2018) Smart Structures and Systems, 22 (3), pp. 303-314.

DOI: 10.12989/sss.2018.22.3.303

ISSN: 17381584

[15] Taleb, O., Houari, M.S.A., Bessaim, A., Tounsi, A., Mahmoud, S.R.

A new plate model for vibration response of advanced composite plates in thermal environment

(2018) Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 67 (4), pp. 369-383.

DOI: 10.12989/sem.2018.67.4.369

ISSN: 12254568