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A Comparison between Artificial and Spike Neural Network for Face Recognition

Auteurs: » ADJOUDJ Reda
» GAFOUR Abdelkader
Type : Livre
Lien : »
Publié le : 01-01-2008

Face recognition is the process of the automatic recognition of the person's identity based on individual informations that are included in face image. This technique makes the face recognition possible, to use the person's image, to verify their identity and control access to services such as e-commerce, internet access, physical access control, cellular phones, border control, passport control, database access services, information services, security control for confidential information areas, and remote access to computers. This document demonstrates how a face recognition system can be designed by a conventional artificial neural network and by another more recent neural network, which is called Spike neural network. The latter is developed to capture the important characteristics of the face, to simulate the human visual system and to optimise the computational time, this last characteristic has been one of the â€¦

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