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A Smart Modeling Tool for Model-Driven Engineering of Ubiquitous Applications: Covid-19 Contact-Tracer

Auteurs: » Tabbiche Mohammed Nadjib
» Khalfi Mohammed Fethi
Type : Conférence Internationale
Nom de la conférence : Conférence 2021 International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics and Informatics (ICRAMI)
Lieu : Pays:
Lien : »
Publié le : 11-09-2021

The presentstudy propose a smart tooled process based on an MDA approach for the design ofubiquitous applications taking into account context information in order todeliver high-added value services. We will present our platform-independentmodel (PIM) associated with a graphical modeling workshop (editor) which willallow us to instantiate in a graphical way in order to obtain PIM models, whichwill be transformed into PSM. We illustrate its implementation on a prototypeapplication in a pervasive environment that tracks the movements of persons whohave tested positive to anticipate COVID-19 contaminations.

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