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An Approach based on Social Bees for an Intrusion Detection System by Scenario.

Auteurs: » LOKBANI Ahmed Chaouki
» Hamou Reda Mohamed
» BOUDIA Mohamed Amine
Type : Chapitre de Livre
Edition : Securing the Internet of Thing ISBN:
Lien : »
Publié le : 01-01-2020

The aim of the authors' work is to model the intrusion detection system by scenario with a bio-inspired method in this case the system of protection of social bees. The natural pattern of social bees produces security efficiency by its three filters. In this paper, the authors focus on scenario approach they chose as a strategy to intrusion odor recognition of bees. They propose a new philosophy based on limited responsibility for each agent. This proposition aims to better exploit the performance of their hardware, and to use intelligently a kddcup'99 corpus.

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