Pedagogic Laboratories


Pedagogic Laboratories and Equipment of the Electronics Department


  • 02 computing centers
  • Laboratory of Power Electric 
  • Laboratory of logic and digital electronics
  • Laboratory of Servo and automatic
  • Laboratory of General Electric
  • Laboratory of Electronic Functions
  • Laboratory of electrical and electronic measurements
  • Laboratory of microwaves
  • Laboratory of antennas
  • Laboratory of telecommunications networks


Pedagogic Laboratories and Equipment of the Electrotechnical Department 


  • Laboratory of electrical machines
  • Laboratory of electrical networks and protection
  • Laboratory of enslavement
  • Laboratory of Power electronics
  • Laboratory of automatism
  • Laboratory of measures
  • Laboratory of Electricity
  • Laboratory of High tension
  • Laboratory of General electronics
  • Laboratory of Diagram and wiring


Pedagogic Laboratories and Common Equipment


  • Laboratory of physical
  • Laboratory of chemistry


  • BP 89 faculté Génie électrique université Djillali Liabes. Sidi Bel Abbes 22000
  • ☎ +213 (0)-48-70-01-38
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