License Telecom

Training aims

telecomThe need for telecommunications is becoming more and more vital for all the mechanisms that govern the different social dynamics. Indeed, these services that, until recently, were in the professional context (collaborative work, Cloud Computing, ...) come into force in everyday life: social networks, online games, e-commerce, video to demand, mobile access to Internet services, etc.

Regional and national employability potentials

The professional opportunities offered by this license are numerous and concern all sectors of activity:

  • Algeria Telecom, Mobilis, Ooredoo, Djezzy, Algerian Space Agency, Wilaya MPTIC Directions, Third Party Telecommunications Operators.
  • Networks and Technical Structures of Télédiffusion d'Algerie (TDA).
  • Sonatrach, Sonalgaz, Airports, Railways, Shipping (Transmission, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Air Traffic Control) National Office of Meteorology.
  • PME / PMI deploying a telecommunications infrastructure.


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