Articles 2017



Malika Amari, Mohammed Ameri, Amel Zahira Bouyakoub, Omar Arbouche, Kada Bidai, Djillali Bensaid, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-DouriEffect of Temperature and Pressure on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Strontium-Filled Skutterudites SrT4Sb12: LDA and LSDA CalculationsJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism(Article in press) (2017)



Belkharroubi Fadila, Mohammed Ameri, Djillali Bensaid, Moulay Noureddine, Ibrahim  Ameri, Smain Mesbah, Y. Al douriStructural, magnetic, electronic and mechanical properties of full- Heusler alloys Co2YAl (Y= Fe, Ti): First principles calculationswith different exchange-correlation potentials, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, (Article in press) (2017).


S. Chibani, O. Arbouche, K. Amara, M. Zemouli, Y. Benallou, Y. Azzaz, B. Belgoumène, M. Elkeurti & M. Ameri, A computational study of the optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties of HfIrX (X = As, Sb and Bi) in the cubic LiAlSi-type structure, Journal of Computational Electronics, Vol 13, 1, (2017).


CJPA. Belhachemi, H. Abid, Y. Al-Douri, M. Sehil, A. Bouhemadou, M. AmeriFirst-principles calculations to investigate the structural, electronic and optical properties of Zn1−xMgxTe ternary alloysChinese Journal of Physics, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 27 March 2017






10948Leila Hasni, Mohammed Ameri, Djillali Bensaid, I. Ameri, S. Mesbah, Y. Al-DouriFirst-principlescalculations of structural, magnetic electronic and optical properties of rare-earth metals TbX (X=N, O, S, Se)Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism(Article in press) (2017)




Ayeb Hellal, Djillali Bensaid , Bendouma Doumi , Assia Mohammedi, Fethi Benzoudji, Yahia Azzaz and Mohammed AmeriMn2YGa (Y=Ir and Pt), a promising candidate for shape memory alloy by DFT methods,Chinese Journal of Physics Volxx,(2017)xxx–xxx.(Article in press) 




A. S. Ibraheam, Y. Al-Douri, U. Hashim, M. Ameri, A. Bouhemadou, R. Khenata, Structural, optical and electrical investigations of Cu2Zn1-xCdxSnS4/Si quinternary alloy nanostructures synthesized by spin coating technique, Microsystem Technologies  (Article in press) (2017)



APAli Abu Odeh, Y. Al-Douri, R. M. Ayub, M. Ameri, A. Bouhemadou, Deo Prakash, K.D. VermaOptical analysis of lens-like Cu2CdSnS4quaternary alloy nanostructuresApplied Physics A (Article in press) (2017)




H. Belhadj, M. Ameri, B. Abbar, N. Moulay, A. Z. Bouyakoub, O. Arbouche,  and D.Bensaid, Optical properties of (Pb1-xMnxS)1-yFey materials From first-principles calculations,Chinese Journal of Physics Volxx,(2017)xxx–xxx(Article in press) 




Nadjia Tayebi, Kada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Slamani Amel, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri ,  Dinesh Varshney,Pressure and temperature dependence of structural, elastic and thermodynamic properties of potassium telluride: First-principles calculationsChinese Journal of Physics Volxx ,(2017) xxx–xxx. (Article in press) 




Makram A. Fakhri, Y. Al-DouriA. Bouhemadou,M. AmeriStructural and optical properties of nanophotonic LiNbO3 under stirrer time effect,  Journal of  Optical Communications (Article in press) (2017)


Ali Abu Odeh, Y. Al-Douri, C. H. Voon, R. Mat Ayub, Subash C.B. Gopinath, Raed Abu Odeh, M. Ameri, A. BouhemadouNeedle-like Cu2CdSnS4 quaternary alloy nanostructures-based integrated electrochemical biosensor for Dengue DNA serotype-2 detectionMicrochimica Acta, Article in press(2017)


CJPKada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Slamani Amel, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, Dinesh Varshney, C. H. Voon, First-principles calculations of pressure and temperature dependence of thermodynamic properties of anti-perovskiteBiNBacompound,Chinese Journal of Physics, Article in press(2017)


 Articles 2016




S. Kessair, O. Arbouche, K. Amara, Y. Benallou, Y. Azzaz, M. Zemouli, M. Bekki, M. Ameri, B. S. Bouazzaprinciples First prediction of a new high-pressure phase and transport properties of Mg2Si, Indian Journal of Physics 90 (2016) 1403-1415.



OPTICAY. Al-DouriA.J. HaiderA.H. ReshakA. BouhemadouM. AmeriStructural investigations through cobalt effect on ZnO nanostructures, International Journal for Light and Electron Optics,Optik,  Journal for Light and Electron,Optics, Optik 127 (2016)10102–10107



Kada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Ali Zaoui , Ibrahim Ameri , Yarub Al-DouriFirst principle study of mechanical stability and thermodynamic properties of anti-fluorite Li2O and Rb2O under pressure and temperature effectChinese Journal of Physics Vol54,(2016)678–694.



S. Daho, M. Ameri, Y. Al Douri, D. Bensaid, D. Varshney and I. AmeriFirst-principles calculations of structural, elastic, thermodynamic, electronic and magnetic investigations of the filled skutterudite alloyUFe4Sb12Materials Science in Semiconductor  Processing, 41 (2016) 102 - 108.



Belaid Mechab, Ismail Mechab, Samir Benaissa, Mohammed Ameri, Boualem Serier, Probabilistic analysis of effect of the porosities in Functionally Graded Material nanoplate resting on Winkler Pasternak elastic foundations, Journal Applied Mathematical Modelling, 40 (2016) 738 - 749.





K. Bidai, M. Ameri and I. AmeriA first-principles study on structural, thermodynamics and elastic properties of XNBa3 (X=As, Sb) under pressure and temperature effect, International Journal for Light and Electron Optics,Optik,  Journal for Light and Electron,Optics, Optik 127 (2016) 3150 – 3157.




Bennadji Abderrahim , Mohammed Ameri, Djillali Bensaid, Yahia Azaz,   BendoumaDoumi, Yaroub Al-Douri, and Fethi Benzoudji, half-metallic magnetism of quaternary Heusler compounds Co2FexMn1-xSi (x = 0, 0.5 et 1) : First-principles calculationsJournal of Superconductivity and Novel MagnetismVol 29, 2, (2016) 277 - 283.




Djillali Bensaid, Hellal Tayeb, Mohammed Ameri,  Yahia Azaz, Bendouma Doumi, Yarub Al-Douri, Bennadji Abderrahim and Fethi Benzoudji, First-principle Investigation of Structural, Electronic and  Magnetic Properties in Mn2RhZ(Z=Si,Ge and Sn) Heusler Alloys, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel MagnetismVol xx, xx,(2016)xx - xx.Article in Press



M’rabet Kamel, Mohammed Ameri, Ibrahim Ameri, Kada Bidai, Ali Zaoui, Djillali Bensaid, Y. Al-Douri, Structural, electronic, elastic, optical and thermodynamic properties of copper halides CuCl, CuBr and their ternary alloys CuCl1-xBrx (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0) using full-potential linear muffin–tin orbital (FP-LMTO) method, International Journal for Light and Electron Optics,Optik,  Journal for Light and Electron,Optics, Optik 127 (2016) 4559 – 4573. 



CJPA. Benkabou, H. Bouafia, B. Sahli, B. Abidri, M. Ameri, S. Hiadsi, D. Rached, B. Bouhafs,Y. Al-Douri, Structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic investigations of neptunium chalcogenides: First-principles calculations, Chinese Journal of Physics Vol54, (2016) 33-41.



M. Benouis, Y. Azzaz, M. Ameri, O. Arbouche, A. Bennadji and Y. Al-Douri, Electronic and magnetic properties of Cr2GeC with GGA+U approximation, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel MagnetismVol 29, 05,(2016)1267 - 1272.



Fatima Boufadi, Kada BidaiMohammed Ameri, Ali Bentouaf, Djillali Bensaid, Yahia Azzazand Ibrahim  AmeriFirst Principle study of mechanical stability and Thermodynamic properties of K2S under pressure and temperature effect,Acta Physica Polonica A, Vol.129(2016) 315-322.





Mohammed Ameri, Faiza Bennar, Slamani Amel, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, Dinesh Varshney, Structural, elastic, thermodynamic and electronic properties of LuX (X=N, Bi and Sb) compounds: First principles calculations, Phase Transitions, 89(2016) 1236 – 1252.Article in Press



Kada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Djillali Bensaid, Slamani Amel, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, FP-LAPW investigation of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of X2O (X = Na and K) under pressure and temperature effects,  International Journal for Light and Electron OpticsOptik,  Journal for Light and Electron, Optics, Optik 127 (2016)5155 – 5162. 




Samir Mustapha Laoufi, Amina Touia, Mohammed Ameri, Ibrahim Ameri, Fatima Boufadi, Keltouma Boudia, Amel Slamani, Fadila Belkharroubi, Y. Al-Douri, Structural, Electronic, Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of XFe4P12 (X=Tb and Dy) Filled Skutterudite using FP-LMTO Method, International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Optik,  Journal for Light and Electron, Optics, Optik 127 (2016) 7382-7393.



A. S. Ibraheam, Y. Al-Douri, U. Hashim, Deo Prakash, K.D. Verma, M. Ameri, Fabrication, analysis and characterization of Cu2Zn1-xCdxSnS4 quinternary alloys nanostructures deposited on GaN, Journal of Materials Science 51(2016) 6876–6885




Y. Al-Douri, M. Ameri, A. Bouhemadou, R. KhenataAnnealing temperature effect on structural, optical, morphological and electrical properties of CdS/Si(100), nanostructures, in Microsystem Technologies 22(2016) 2529-2541.








Articles 2015




Keltouma Boudia, Mohammed Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, Ibrahim Ameri, and H. BouafiaInvestigations of structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of Lutetium filled skutterudite LuFe4P12 under pressure effect: FP-LMTOmethod, Materials Science-Poland, 33(4)  (2015), pp 867 - 878.





Mokhtar Berrahal, Mohammed Ameri Y. Al-Douri, U. Hashim, Dinesh Varshney, Ibrahim Ameri, Mohamed Boubchir, Bennadji Abderrahim,Ab initio calculations of structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of the Cerium filled skutterudite CeRu4P12 under the effect of the pressureMaterials Science-Poland, 33(4)  (2015), pp 699 - 708.


mspN. Moulay, M. Ameri, Y. Azaz, A. Zenati, Y. Al-Douri and I. AmeriPredictive study of structural, electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of XFeO(X = Ag, Zr and Ru) multiferroics materials in cubic perovskite structure: First-Principles calculationsMaterials Science-Poland33(2) (2015), pp 402.

mspKada Bidai, Mohammed Ameri, Fatima Zohra Aoumeur-Benkabou, Djillali Bensaid, Nour-eddine Moulay, Y. Al-Douri, Ibrahim  Ameri, First principles calculations of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of Na2X (X=S and Se) under pressure and temperature effects, Materials Science-Poland, 33(3)  (2015), pp 649

OPTICAAmina Touia, Mohammed Ameri, Ibrahim AmeriSynthesis, crystal structure and physical properties of the Thulium filled skutterudite TmFe4P12 under the effect of the pressure: LDA and LSDA calculationInternational Journal for Light and Electron Optics,Optik 126 (2015) 3253.

AIPS. Chaudhary, S. Shriya, J. Kumar, M. Ameri and Dinesh VarshneyMechanical Stiffening And Thermal Softening Of Superionic Alkali Metal Oxides, AIP Conference Proceedings1665, 120018 (2015).

jnoY. Al-Douri, U. Hashim, A. Bouhemadou, M. AmeriZinc effect on quantum dots potential of PbI2 nanostructures, Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics. Vol. 10, 705-710, (2015).



MMSPN. Bouzouira, D. Bensaid, M. Ameri, Y. Azzaz, N. Moulay, A. Zenati, I. Ameri, D. Hachemane, Dinesh Varshney, and Y. Al-DouriStructural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of half-metallic alloys:First-principles calculationsMaterials Science in Semiconductor  Processing 38(2015) 126-136.




Y. Al-Douri, U. Hashim, R. Khenata, A.H. Reshak, M. Ameri, A. Bouhemadou, A. Rahim Ruslinda, M.K. Md ArshadAb initio method of optical investigations of CdS1−xTex alloys under quantum dots diameter effectSolar Energy, Volume 115, May (2015), Pages 33-39.




Mohammed Ameri,  Djelloul Hachemane, Ibrahim Ameri, Boualem Abidri, Ali Bentouaf, Bachir Bouhafs, Dinesh Varshney, Yarub Al-DouriStructural, electronic, optical and thermodynamic properties of copper halide ternary alloyCuCl1-xIx(0 < < 1): First Principal method,Chinese Journal of Physics Vol53, NO. 040802,(2015).




Bendouma Doumi, Allel Mokaddem, Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki, Djillali Bensaid,First-principleinvestigationofmagneticandelectronic properties ofvanadium-andchromium-dopedcubic aluminum phosphideMaterials Science in Semiconductor  Processing32 (2015)166-171.  



jmmmAli Bentouaf, Fouad El Haj Hassan , Structural, electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of full-Heusler compound Co2VSi: Ab initio studyJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 381, 65-69, (2015).



Articles 2014  


CMSUn. Djied,H. Khachai,T. Seddik,R. Khenata,Un BouhemadouN. Guechi,G. Murtaza,S.-Bin Omran,Z.A. Alahmed, M AmeriTransition de phase structurale, propriétés mécaniques et optoélectroniques de la NaZnP quadratique: étude ab initioComputational Science des Matériaux , Volume 84 , Mars (2014) , pages 396-403




ECMY. Al-Douri, Q. Khasawneh, S. Kiwan,, U. Hashim, S.B. Abd Hamid, A.H. Reshak, Bouhemadou, M. Ameri, R. Khenata, Structural and optical insights to enhance solar cell performance of CdS nanostructures, Energy Conversion and Management 82 (2014) 238–243. 




 MMSPMohammed Ameri, Fadila Belkharroubi, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, Bachir Bouhafs, Fatima Zohra Boufadi, Amina Touia, Keltouma Boudia, Fouzia Mired, Ab initio calculations of structural, elastic, and thermodynamic properties of HoX (X=N,  O, S and Se)Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 26, (2014), pages 205-217. 



 mspMeriem FodilAmine MounirMohammed AmeriHadj BaltacheBachir BouhafsY. Al-DouriIbrahim AmeriStructural and elastic properties of TiN and AlN compounds: first-principles studyMaterials Science-Poland32(2) (2014).



 actapolonicaM. Ameri, S. Mesbah, Y. Al-Douri, B. Bouhafs, D. Varshney and I. Ameri, First-Principles Calculations of Structural, Electronic, Optical, and Thermodynamic Properties of CdS, CdTe and Their Ternary Alloys CdS1-xTex (0.0 ≤x ≤1.0)Acta Physica Polonica A, Vol. 125 (2014).






CJPMohammed Ameri, Adjadj Aze-Eddine, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-DouriDinesh Varshney, Bachir Bouhafs, Nour Eddine Bouzouira and Djalloul HachemaneFirst-principles investigations of structural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of CaxZn1-xS alloys, Chinese Journal of Physics VOL. 52, NO.03 (2014).





MMSPMohammed Ameri, Slamani Amel, Boualem Abidri, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri , Bachir Bouhafs, Dinesh Varshney, Adjadj Aze-Eddine, Louahala Nadia, Structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of Uranium filled skutterudites UFe4P12: First principle method, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, volume 27, (2014), pages 368-379.




MEXPRESSMohammed Ameri,  Fouzia Mired, Ibrahim Ameri, Y. Al-Douri, Abderrahim BennadjiFirst-principles investigations of structural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of CdS1-xSex alloys (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0)Materials Express, volume 4, (2014), pages 521-532




mspD. Bensaid, M. Ameri, M. Din el Hanani, Y. Azaz, D. Bendouma, Y. Al-Douri and I. Ameri, FP-LMTO Study of Structural, Electronic, thermodynamic and Optical Properties of MgxCd1-xSe AlloysMaterials Science-Poland32(4)(2014), pp.719-728.





OPTICAY. Al-Douri, M. Ameri, A. BouhemadouOptical investigations of ZnxCd1-xS nanostructures», International Journal for Light and Electron, Optics, Optik 125 (2014) 6958–6961.




ijmDjillali Bensaid, Mohammed Ameri, Nadia Benseddik, Ali Mir, Nour Edinne Bouzouira, and Fethi Benzoudji,  Band Gap Engineering of Cd1-xBexSe Alloys, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, International Journal of Metals, Volume 2014 (2014).





msMohammed Ameri, Belfedhal Abdelmounaim, Mokhtar Sebane, Rabah Khenata, Dinesh Varshney, Bachir Bouhafs, Y. Al-Douri and Keltouma Boudia,  First-principles investigation on structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of filled skutterudite PrFe4P12 compound for thermoelectric applicationsMolecular Simulation, (2014), Vol. 40, No. 15, 1236–1243



 Articles 2013


msaMohammed Ameri and Daho Salah EddineFirst principles study of structural and electronic properties of OxS1-xZn ternary alloyMaterials Sciences and Applications(2013)4, 63-69.





OPTICAM. Ameri, A. Touia, R. Khenata, Y. Al-Douri, H. BaltacheStructural and optoelectronic properties of NiTiX and CoVX (X = Sb and Sn) half-Heusler compounds: An ab initio studyInternational Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Optik 124 (2013) 570–574.





pmM. Ameri, N. Bouzouira, R. Khenata, Y. Al-Douri, B. Bouhafs and S. Bin-OmranFP-LMTO method to calculate the structural, thermodynamic and optoelectronic properties of SixGe1−xC alloysMolecular PhysicsVolume 111Issue 21(2013) 3208-3217.





MMSPM. Ameri, K. Boudia, R. Khenata, B. Bouhafs, A. Rais, S. Bin Omran, B. Abidri, Y. Al-DouriStructural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of the filled skutterudite CeOs4Sb12determined by density functional theoryMaterials Science in Semiconductor Processing 16 (2013) 1508–1516.





AIPY. Al-Douri, Jamal H. Waheb, M. Ameri, R. Khenata, A. Bouhemadou, A. H. ReshakMorphology, Analysis and Properties Studies of CdS Nanostructures under Thiourea Concentration Effect for Photovoltaic ApplicationsInt. J. Electrochem. Sci., (2013)10688 – 10696.





oamrcAli Bentouaf, Tarik Ouahrani, Mohammed Ameri, Rezki Mebsout, Djelloul Hachemane, Theoretical study of structural, electronic, optical and Thermodynamic properties of AlP, InP and AlAs compoundsOptoelectronics and advanced materials-Rapid communications Vol. 7, No. 9-10, September - October (2013), p. 659 – 666.




Articles 2006-2012 



msaMohammed Ameri, Amina Touia, Houari Khachai, Zoubir Mahdjoub, Mohamed Zoheir Chekroun, Amel SlamaniAb Initio Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Barium halcogenide AlloysMaterials Sciences and Applications(2012), 3, 612-618.



msaMohammed Ameri, Keltouma Boudia, Abbes Rabhi, Samir Benaissa, Yarub Al-Douri, Abdelmadjid Rais, Djelloul Hachemane, FP-LMTO Calculations of Structural and Electronic Properties ofAlkaline-earth Chalcogenides Alloys AY: A=Ca, Sr, Ba; Y=S, Materials Sciences and Applications(2012), 3, 861-871.




msaMohammed Ameri, Fatima Boufadi, Amina Touia, Meriem Faudil, Djelloul Hachemane, Keltouma Boudia, Amel Slamani, Adjadj Aze-EddineAb initio Calculations Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Ternary Alloy AlxIn1-xAsMaterials Sciences and Applications(2012)3 , 674-.



msaMohammed Ameri, Meriem Fodil and F. Z. Aoumeur-BenkabouPhysical properties of the ZnxCd1–xSe Alloys: ab initio methodMaterials Sciences and Applications(2012), 3, 768-778.



APA. RaisA. AddouM. AmeriN. Bouhadouza et A. MerineOn the magnetic compensation of magnesium doped Ni-Cr ferritesApplied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing , (2012)DOI:10.1007/s00339-012-7304-9.





jmpM. Harmel, H. Khachai, M. Ameri, R. Khenata, N. Baki, A. Haddou, B. Abbar¸ S. Ugur, S. Bin Omranand F. Soyal, DFT-based ab initio study of the electronic and optical properties of cesium based fluoro-perovskite CsMF3 (M=Ca and Sr), International Journal of Modern Physics B, Vol. 26, No. 00 (2012) 1250199.




AJCMPA. Bentouaf, M. Ameri, R. MabsoutStructural and Electronic Properties Calculations of AlAs1-xPx AlloyAmerican Journal of Condensed Matter Physics , (2012), 2(5): 126-134.



IJOTM. Harmel, H. Khachai, M. Ameri, N. Baki, A. Haddou, M. Khalfa, B. Abbar, S. Bin Omran, G. U˘gur, S. Ug˘ur, R. KhenataFull-Potential Calculation of Structural, Electronic, and Thermodynamic Properties of Fluoroperovskite CsMF3 (M=Be and Mg)Int J Thermophys (2012) 33:2339–23502.




ijmcA. M. Rais, A. Addou, M. Ameri, Magnetic Properties of Magnesium Doped Li-Cr Ferrites, International Journal of Materials and Chemistry (2012), 2(2): 72-74 DOI: 10.5923/j.ijmc.20120202.05.






mnsmsF. Z. Aoumeur-Benkabou, M. Ameri, A. Kadoun, K. Benkabou, Theoretical Study on the Origins of the Gap Bowing in MgxZn1–xO Alloys, Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Material Science(2012), 2, 60-.






msaMohammed Ameri, Noureddine Bouzouira, Mohammed Doui-Aici, Rabah Khenata, Mohammed Maachou,FP-LMTO Investigation of the Structural and Electronic Properties of CuxAg1–xI AlloysJournal Materials Sciences and Application, May 8th, (2011), p. 748-756.




msaMohammed Ameri, Ali Bentouaf, Mohammed Doui-Aici, Rabah Khenata, Fatima Boufadi, Amina TouiaStructural and Electronic Properties Calculations of AlxIn1–xP AlloyJournal of Materials Sciences and Application, May 3rd(2011)p.729-738.



msaHanane Mebtouche, Mohamed Ameri, Bachir BouhafsStructure and Bonding of Nanolayered Ternary Phosphides», Journal of Materials Sciences and Application,May 25th, (2011). p. 1383-1391.



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jacN. Bettahar, S. Benalia, D. Rached, M. Ameri, R. Khenata, H. Baltache, H. RachedElastic stability, electronic structure and optical properties of PtN2 with pyrite and fluorite structuresJournal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 478, Issues 1-2, 10 June (2009), Pages 297-302.





ejpY. Benmimoun, A. Bouhemadou, R. Khenata, A.H. Reshak, B. Amrani, M. Ameri, and H. Baltache, Structural, electronic and optical properties of SrCl2 underhydrostatic stress, Eur. Phys. J. B 61, 165–171 (2008).





CMSS. Benalia, M. Ameri, D. Rached, R. Khenata, M. Rabaha, A. Bouhemadou, First-principle calculations of elastic and electronic properties of the filled skutterudite CeFe4P12Computational Materials Science, 43 (2008) 1022–1026.





jcsM. Rabah, D. Rached, M. Ameri, R. Khenata, A. Zenati, N. Moulay, Theoretical study of ground state and high-pressure phase of platinum carbide, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Volume 69, Issue 11, November (2008), Pages 2907-2910.






pssD. Rached, M. Ameri, M. Rabah, R. Khenata, A. Bouhemadou, N. Benkhettou    and M. Dine el Hannani Electronic structure calculations of europium   chalcogenides EuS and EuSe, phys. stat. sol. (b), 1–9 (2007).




MMSPM. Ameri, D. Rached, M. Rabah, R. Khenata, N. Benkhettou, B. Bouhafsand M. Maachou, structural and electronic properties calculations of BexZn1-xSe alloy, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 10 (2007) 6–13.





pssM. Ameri, D. Rached, M. Rabah, F. El Haj Hassan , R. Khenata , and M. Doui-aici, First principles study of structural and electronic properties of BexZn1-xS and BexZn1-xTe alloys, phys. stat. sol. (b), (2007).






MCMSk. Rabah, D. Rached, N. Benkhettou, R. Khenata, H. Baltache, B. Soudini, M. Ameri, First-principles calculations of ground-state and high-pressure phase ofmagnesium telluride, Computational Materials Science, Volume 37, Issue 4, 37 (2006), Pages 603-606.






jcsD. Rached, M. Rabah, R. Khenata, N. Benkhettou, H. Baltache,M. Maachou, M. Ameri High pressure study of structural and electronic properties of magnesium telluride, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 67 (2006) 1668–1673.