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Information about BLUE


The office of the institution’s relationship with the university is considered a link between training and the world of work
It works to create a bridge between the university and the institution.
1- Presentation of the office of the institution’s relationship with the university
It is an information and guidance office that takes care of the resources of the 'university-institution' partnership, and at the same time it:
• Accompanying students in institutions.
• Contributes to consolidating the relationship between the university and the institution.
• Provides advice and support to students and university teams.

• Provides advice and support to social and economic partners.

The importance of the institution’s relationship office with the university
• Importance for the University:
It is necessary to develop science, knowledge and applied and technological skills
In the service of the institution to remedy the delay by proposing solutions to it in
The framework of research, development, innovation and provision of applied competencies.
• Importance for the organization:
The institution must get closer to the university by opening its doors to researchers
And students to direct the training towards its requirements and facilitate the professional integration of graduates.

The objectives of the office of the relationship of the institution with the university
It works to motivate professors and students to move towards the economic and social world, and it strives to achieve convergence between the university and the institution and to work together more to develop the learners’ competencies and thus improve their employment opportunities.
• The first goal: practical training for students and engineers.
1. Facilitating scientific and technological training:
• Internships in institutions, applied works, small industrial projects.
• Quality method.

2. Systematic development of the humanities and social sciences
Such as economics, management, project management, foreign languages ​​and communication.
• The second goal: bringing colleges closer to institutions.
• Establishing an industrial partnership in the field of research and development...
• Develop exchange programs between colleges and institutions.
• Meet the wishes of the continuing training of institutions.
• Searching and publishing job offers and internships.
• The third goal: professional integration.
• Good preparation at the beginning: knowledge of the organization's environment, help in writing a CV and preparing for job interviews.
• Creating and developing networks of former students, job offers...

• Develop the interest of information and guidance.
• Organizing job salons and forums.
• Fourth Objective: To develop the entrepreneurial spirit in colleges in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship House.
• Introducing and sensitizing students to the world of the institution.
• Conducting “competitions” to identify project holders to create institutions.
• If project holders are identified, they are helped to finish their projects
(Intensive training, experience, incubator projects...)

The duties of the office of the institution’s relationship with the university
• It helps to create a strong partnership that is formal, structured and organized.
• It helps to research and publish various training and employment opportunities.
• Participates in the inclusion of the institution in the various stages and tracks of formation.
• Answers the requests and needs of training for institutions.
• Invites tires and engineers from institutions to give lectures at the university.
• Providing a range of services, especially continuous training programs adapted to the needs and requirements of institutions.
• Organizing visits to institutions
• Create a data bank for institutions
• Presenting and presenting scientific and academic studies of the economic environment
and social.
• Valuing and marketing scientific research.

Work plan for the office of the institution's relationship with the university
• Signing cooperation agreements between the university and various institutions and bodies.
• Organizing the training process for students in all stages of training.
• Participation in the inclusion of the institution in the training tracks.
Organizing a convoy to tour the entire faculties of the university to spread the organization of the internment process.
• Manual stalking mode.
• Organizing study days in cooperation with the Entrepreneur House on local entrepreneurship.