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specific protocol under COVID-19
Pan African University Academic Year 2020/2021

Preparations for the Academic Year
As part of the preparations for the upcoming academic year and in compliance with the directives of the university administration concerning the necessary measures to ensure a successful academic entry according to the established schedule and the importance of the effectiveness of social partners in all planned activities, the rectorate of Djilali Liabes University in Sidi Bel Abbès intends to hold a coordinating and consultative meeting on Tuesday, September 12nd, 2023, at 14:00 in the meeting hall of the university presidency. The meeting will include the following participants:
- University Director,
- Vice- rectors and the General Secretary,
- Deans of the faculties,
- Directors of university works,
- Secretaries/Coordinators of the accredited union branches at Sidi Bel Abbès University,
- Secretaries/Coordinators of the accredited student organizations at Sidi Bel Abbès University.
Agenda of the meeting:
- Presentation and discussion of the academic year program 2023-2024,
- Input from the secretaries or coordinators of the union branches,
- Input from the secretaries or coordinators of the student organizations,
- Discussion and proposal of a roadmap.
The Vice-rector for Pedagogy and the General Secretary of the university are responsible for preparing this meeting and officially informing all participants through invitations. Furthermore, the poster related to this announcement will be widely distributed.