Activités scientifique

Le laboratoire organise chaque mardi à 14h30 un séminaire de recherche qui est proposés aux doctorant(e)s dans le cadre de leur formation doctorale. Il est un lieu de débat et de réflexion pour l’ensemble des membres du laboratoire qui sont invités à y présenter leurs travaux de recherche.
Responsable du séminaire: Dr. Righi Ali

Programme du séminaire:


1-  Mardi 23 Avril 2024: Dr  Fetitah Omar


2- Mardi 30 Avril 2024: Dr. Boulenoir Zouaouia, 

Titre: Tail probabilities and complete convergence for weighted sequences of LNQD random variables with application to first-order autoregressive processes model.

3- Mardi 7 Mai 2024:  Dr. Benchiha Sid-Ahmed, 

Title: Statistical Models in Survival Analysis: Advancing Beyond Classical Distributions.



Statistical models have a prominent status in survival analysis due to their significant role in treating statistical data and deriving important information. Choosing the appropriate model for particular data is a decisive step in survival analysis. However, with the remarkable development in various areas such as medical science, reliability engineering, and several other domains, classical distributions often fall short in adequately modeling these new types of data. This has motivated researchers to develop new flexible distributions using different methods and techniques, which can be utilized in complex situations to best fit data, study their characterizations, and gain more insights into the shape of their empirical distribution.


The main objective of our work is to propose new distributions by employing various techniques to enhance their efficiency in fitting various real datasets. The parameters of the proposed distributions are estimated using different estimation methods. Additionally, we propose an alternative method to simple random sampling for collecting data to achieve the best possible representation of the population.